Why Choose BCbillboards.ca

Excellent locations in high traffic areas.

Least expensive locations. The majority of our signs are in or near Kelowna B.C. Based on traffic counts, Kelowna is the least expensive Billboard advertising in the country. Check out these stats.

We help you build your brand and your campaign strategy at NO COST TO YOU.

Someone on your side to help you design a campaign strategy that will produce results, including graphic design & production of the ad. We specialize in billboard design and know how to design ads that will produce results.

Reserve a high profile spot for your business. Ad contracts run in monthly, semi annual or annual cycles. The best spot in your area may be coming available shortly. Unlike other companies we will reserve it for you.

Industry Feedback. Upon request we will give you professional input on your current advertising strategy, logos, branding etc. We will be honest and help you design successful, bold messages that work. Consulting should be free of charge. We want to earn your business! Call us 1-800-795-7525.

Save time and money. Rather than looking for the best designer, campaign strategist and billboard locations let us do the work for you. If you require additional media services we will help you find and recommend the best in the business ie.- web design, brand building & market strategy, video presentation, photography etc.

Quick turn around time. We will have your image installed in less than 2 weeks from the time your ad design is ready.

Diagonal positioning. Many of our signs are diagonally positioned so that the motorist is looking directly at the sign face.

Illuminated signs. Several of our signs are illuminated all night long. Receive all that additional exposure at no extra cost.

Engineered construction. All of our signs are engineered for safety and strength.

Reliability. Read what our customers have to say...


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