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Calculate the return on investment. Determine which ad media will reach the greatest number of people for the dollars you are spending.

Knowable Results... spend your ad dollars on knowable results see here for more details.

Find a good location... get in your car and drive the areas where you may want a sign.

Reserve your space ahead of time. Find out which signs in your area are soon to be available call us to find out 1 800 795 7525.

Simplicity. A driver only has a few seconds to view your billboard, so keep your message simple.

Effective design... look at other billboard designs and learn the effective elements of good billboard design (don’t just leave it up t your designer).

Try to find an illuminated sign thereby obtaining all the additional hours in winter months. If you're advertising a new product or service, consider using repetition to enforce the advertisement by leasing several billboards on a main artery of traffic.

If you are a new business or launching a new product the repetition of a billboard is ideal. Spending dollars on customer recognition is vital for new businesses.

Contacting you is easy. Make sure your company name and website address is dominant on the sign. The consumer must be able to find you easily by doing a Google search.

Include billboard advertising as part of an integrated marketing strategy that includes a very dominant website and online presence.

Build your brand. Your corporate brand and contact information should constantly be in front of the public.


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