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Should I spend the money?

Building public awareness is something you should be doing right away as a small business. Dollars spent on new vehicles and furnishings is better directed to promoting your new business and building brand recognition. You may not be able to physically see it like a new truck; however, brand loyalty is an asset. Unlike vehicles and furniture, brand loyalty and customer awareness are assets that produce cash flow.

If you have a broad customer base, billboards are the most effective way to reach the most people for the fewest dollars. Study the traffic counts of your area and then calculate the cost per day to reach those customers relative to other forms of advertising. Once you have created a great design, your business can look as large as a national chain. Billboards help your customers find you rather than them searching the yellow pages. Your message is visible to anyone old enough to drive (or ride) all day long - and into the night if your board is illuminated. Billboards can drive a lot of traffic to your website. If you want to know how many people will see your sign you can contact the Department of Transportation in your area (in BC visit www.th.gov.bc.ca Highway traffic counts/statistics) - they'll be able to tell you how many cars travel on those roads.)

Consider buying multiple locations to capture all of the traffic coming in and out of your city. Billboards are very helpful to direct motorists to your door.



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