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Knowable Results - Has Anyone Seen my Ad?

The most common question asked of an advertising salesperson is: "Can you tell me how many people will see my ad?". Most forms of ad media such as yellow pages, radio, phone, television etc. have subscriber, circulation, or listenership numbers based on the number of units distributed or number of viewers polled. How many of those people however see your ad amongst all the other information in that media? Do you switch channels when you know there are going to be 10 ads in a row?

It is a certainty how many people will see your Highway billboard

  • Highway Billboards cannot be turned off.
  • Highway billboards are in the consumer's line of sight every day.
  • Highway Billboards are very large - stand alone - single message advertising.
  • Traffic counts are knowable so you know precisely how many viewers will see your sign every day.
  • The cost to reach X number of viewers is known.
  • The cost to reach X number of viewers is far less than any other option.
  • Viewership in most other media is unknowable but rather an estimate.
  • Government statistics are used based on the actual number of cars using a particular highway.

Certainty is important in business.

Due to their size, Billboards create a visual impact not possible with any other form of media.

By choosing a specific location you can target the audience. You are controlling who sees your ad and where it is placed. Television and Magazines don't offer the same.



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