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Who is BCbillboards.ca?

Mountain Media Inc.

BCbillboards.ca is a full service highway billboard company based in Kelowna B.C. We lease Highway Billboard space, develop client campaign strategies, design client ads, and print and install the advertising images. BCbillboards.ca is wholly owned by Mountain Media Inc.

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Who designs our ads?

BCbillboards.ca has in house graphic designers who will work closely with you to produce a very effective billboard image. We will also assist you to develop your ad strategy. It’s what we do best. We are also happy to work with you and your own designer. See sample ads here. See design ideas here or contact us to build a whole strategy.

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Why choose BCbillboards.ca?

We have excellent locations in high traffic areas and we'll help you to build your brand and campaign strategy - all the while, saving you time and money! Read more here.

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Can I produce my own sign and have your company install it?

Yes, you can create your design; however, it almost always costs a client more to arrange their own design and printing. BCbillboards.ca is able to obtain lower prices than the general public from our wholesale suppliers and printers. If you do wish to create your own sign we will work with you and provide size requirements, printing specs etc.

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What will it cost me to produce?

Production costs range from $1500 to $2500 depending on the size of the sign that you are renting. Production includes graphic design, layout printing and installation. These costs are offset somewhat by having print ready artwork or using your own design team to produce.

Paper and paint still exist for billboard production, but they are becoming rare as people increasingly turn to full print flexface vinyl. It lasts longer and can be re-used. Once your message is created on a computer, it is transferred to a large sheet of vinyl that's placed over the sign face like a tablecloth and then wrapped and secured around the back.

It will probably cost you more if you go through your outdoor company for vinyl production than if you purchase the ad directly through a billboard production company like BCbillboards.ca. You will need to provide the production company with your own design, but if you have someone in your employ who can do that, you can save some money. Regular installation fees will apply.

Make a BIG impression! 10’ X 24’ sign--- that’s 240 Square feet.

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How long does it take to product and install a billboard?

Once we have a completed design the image can be produced and installed in less than 2 weeks.

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What can I put on my billboard?

Any graphic whatsoever may be used as long as it not offensive.

In the past, billboards were hand-painted or had a combination of paint, vinyl decals and lettering – a time-consuming and costly venture. Today’s billboards are designed on a computer screen and printed on one sheet of flexible material. This process allows the client to include large format photos or any graphic that can be generated electronically.

Once printed, the flexible sign material is most commonly stretched over the front of the sign. The result is a less expensive and higher quality product.

The client will assume liability for display content including copy, representation and illustration, and assume responsibility for any and all claims arising therefrom. All content and copy must be approved in advance by BCbillboards.ca. We reserve the right to remove any offensive advertising at our sole discretion.

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What if I want to change my sign part way through the year?

Your sign may be changed at any time with the exception of very cold periods of winter. Normal production and installation prices will apply.

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How long is the billboard rental term?

One year or you can fix a rate for multiple years and avoid industry rate increases. As has happened in the past, Billboard rates have increased steadily. Markets also grow to a size where national advertisers want to have a presence. This is now the case in the Okanagan Region of British Columbia. Rates therefore can be expected to rise as a local economy grows.

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What are the payment options?

We require the first and last month's rent upon signing the advertising contract. You will be billed for the installation following the ad placement. Rental payments are due monthly in advance by post dated cheques. If you wish to pay annually you will save 5%.

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How do I choose a billboard location?

Simply go to our locations tab and view the Google map. Choose the balloon icon you prefer. Email or phone us with the corresponding sign number and we will send you photos of the site including pricing, terms, availability and so on.

See our locations.

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Where exactly are BCbillboard signs?

BCbillboards.ca has sign locations on Highway 97 entering the Central Okanagan Valley from the east ( Revelstoke, Calgary),from the west (Vancouver) and Highway 3 entering from the south (West Kootenays, Castlegar,Trail and Grand Forks). Billboard signs in the Okanagan Valley:

KelownaMidway (Hwy 3)
West KelownaLake Country (Winfield)
VernonEnderby (Hwy 97)

Click to view a map of our locations

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What are the experiences of other customers?

Visit our testimonials page and see the great reviews.

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How can I save time and money rather than looking for the best designer, campaign strategist and billboard locations?

We will give you all of our best advice for free and sometimes send you to our competitors if we feel they have a better sign location to serve your needs. From web design to campaign strategies we can help. All we do is Billboard designs...it is our specialty.

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How many people will see my billboard?

To view actual BC government traffic counts go to their website at www.th.gov.bc.ca/ - There you will find **2009 B.C. Ministry of Transportation stats BC Ministry of Transportation or call us to obtain traffic counts for your area 1-800-795-7525.

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Are you working with an ad agency?

Let us know if you are an ad agency or are working with one. We are pleased to cooperate.

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