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Designing your Ad

When designing a billboard, it is extremely important to follow a certain set of criteria or the process could end up taking a lot more time and effort than necessary. BCbillboards.ca has years of experience designing billboards and that's why we should be your number one choice for billboard design.

It is very important to choose a designer that has experience in the Billboard Industry. You should ask to see some of their work. The following are some design criteria that will help you ensure that the final product looks great, attracts attention and produces the results that you want.

Billboard Design Rules that the Pros Sometimes Forget:

  1. Keep the message simple
  2. Use an image or photo to extend the message you are trying to convey
  3. Use as few words as possible. Remember you have a very short time in which to capture the attention of the consumer
  4. In addition to a web address or phone number, use the text to make your name or brand dominant. Try to convey the rest of the message through your photo or image
  5. Use only professional artwork images and photos. It is easy and inexpensive to buy great photographic images on the web. Avoid using your own photos
  6. Keep all lettering at least 6 inches tall. Anything smaller cannot be read by a passing motorist
  7. If the Billboard is a long way off the highway the lettering will need to be large
  8. Try to use primary colours that do not blend in with nature. Use contrast between your lettering and the background making it easy to read. See one of my favorite designs at the bottom of this page
  9. The primary or dominant image should take up 2 thirds of the space. The viewers eyes will go here first and then to the name or contact information. A sign that is split in half is confusing as it lacks one dominant feature
  10. Your name must be large and easy to remember
  11. The design should convey a unique feature of your business that is a call to action. For example: "Drag, tow or bring in any car and we will give you $2500 off your next vehicle purchase"
  12. Get in your car and go find billboards that stand out. Which company names do you remember? Look at the concept and colours that they are using. Also notice what doesn't work

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