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Choosing a Billboard Location

It is worth spending time to find a good Billboard location that suits your needs. The following are some considerations:

  1. Drive by the spots that your considering.
  2. Proximity to your place of business.
  3. Demographics of the consumers that use that stretch of road.
  4. Traffic counts of the highway where the billboard is located.
  5. Reserve your space six months to a year in advance. Many of the best locations are purchased on long-term contracts and only become available once or twice a year. If you spontaneously decide that you need a sign you will have to choose from the existing supply of vacant space at that time.
  6. If you obtain a great location consider negotiating a long term contract at a fixed rate.
  7. Ensure that the visibility and sightlines are good

Call us for a quote or reserve your favourite location in advance: 1-800-795-7525



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