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Why a Billboard is the Fastest Way to Build Your Brand

Creating a Brand

A brand is the public face of your company. Building public awareness is likely the single most important objective of any advertising campaign. And it is permanent. Once you are known, public awareness is an asset of your company just like customer loyalty or goodwill. Repeat exposure to an image ensures everyone driving that piece of highway will know who you are. It is a fact that there is a loyalty to recognizing a brand over a non name. Consumers retrace the same routes over and again, your advertising message remains in their line of sight every day and allows for repeated exposure needed to become known by your target audience. Billboards ensure the local public will know who you are and how to reach you.

Pick a designer who is knowledgeable about branding and have them create an image for your company. It should be easy to recognize and say something about your unique place in the market. Your brand should reflect who you are. You want a brand that you will be happy with for a long time therefore spend time trying different concepts. Consider who you are today and who you plan to be in the future. Ask colleagues and friends for their input. Add a tagline on your logo that expresses your uniqueness. Your logo can then be used with or without the tagline depending on the space limitations you may have.

Building your Brand

Once you have created a logo and tagline, you have branded your company. A brand is only useful when consumers are familiar with it and remember it. The goal is that your brand comes to mind in the consumer when they want your type of product or service. The next step for you is to build your brand awareness in the market that you want to capture. Create as many opportunities in the marketplace for the consumer to connect with your brand. Put your brand on everything including your vehicle and all correspondence. Every email you send out should have your brand at the bottom plus a direct connect link to your website. These all create impressions in the mind of the public. Building your brand should be something that you do continually. The most important feature of building your brand is your ad campaign. The use of outdoor billboards is by far the greatest exposure in terms of numbers. You can reach tens of thousands of consumers per day at very low cost. Click here to see how cheap. Want some help with your branding? Contact Us.



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